LandFox Cloth Book Baby Intelligence Development Learn Picture Cognize Book,Green


Material:soft cloth This appealing series will entertain children while giving them a head start on learning The size of the book quite adult's palm, and the weight is very light. Front and back cover of each book are presented with sound paper (feels will be issued a plastic rustling of paper, the main function is to attract baby's attention), a small book is made of high quality cotton, high-quality interlayer is sponge (pinch up very soft) Package include:1PC baby booksThis soft book is the perfect bedtime story for little onesSpecial cloth design,durable ,not easy to be tornTextured fabrics and bright colors help to develop children's sensory awarenessChildren will love the colourful photographs and soft pagesEach little book even front and back covers a total of 6 per page is a separate pattern, these pictures will help the baby early to know this colorful world!This soft book is the perfect bedtime story for little onesLandFox
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