30 Memorable How Well Does the Groom Know the Bride Game Sample Questions


The so known “How well does the groom know the bride game” is probably one of the evergreen games for bachelorette parties to get the guests to know the bride and the groom as a couple, and of course, to spend funny moments seeing how well the two know each other. Put yourself at ease and make sure you have a pen and a paper to take notes because you will get a list of “How well does the groom know the bride” game sample questions from the following paragraphs!

How to Play “How Well Does the Groom Know the Bride Game”

How well does the groom know the bride game is a very popular bridal-shower and bschelorette parties. This game not only let friends of groom to know more about his girl but also offer plenty giggles as you compare the groom’s answers to the bride’s.

But if you have never heard of this game, here is how it works: you ask the groom beforehand some questions, around 20-30 questions about himself, about his relationship with the bride and their future. Then, after you collect his answers (you can either record a video on your phone or write them on a sheet of paper), you ask the same questions to the bride at the bridal shower and see how many answers they have in common. A good alternative to this game is to ask the questions to the bride during the wedding toast, so that every guest of the wedding will have the chance to have a laugh at it and, if you want to keep this as a memorabilia, you can simply create a short video compilation of the funniest answers and reactions from the bride and show it during your wedding toast.

Before going ahead with the how well the groom knows the bride game sample questions, the last one advice I can give you is to avoid sexual or touchy topics, such as ex boyfriends/girlfriends if you know that it could embarrass the bride or the groom.

At the end, I will leave you some sample questions which focus on something memorable, something that will stuck in mind, which the groom and bride will remember forever when thinking about their big day.

“How well Does the Groom Know the Bride” Game Sample Questions

If you are looking for a brilliant idea to burst up the bridal shower check out the “how well does the groom know the bride” game sample questions below and I’m telling you, your wedding planning skills will be brought up to the next level!

Personal Questions

  • What was the bride’s most embarrassing moment?

  • What is the bride’s favorite cocktail?

  • What is the bride’s favorite TV show?

  • What is the bride’s best feature?

  • Who is the bride’s ultimate Hollywood crush?

  • What’s the bride’s least favorite food?

  • Which three things would she bring to a desert island?

  • What’s the bride’s most annoying habit?

  • What is the bride’s favorite pizza topping?

  • Which was the bride’s worst date ever?


Relationship Questions

  • What was the bride’s first impression of the groom?

  • What is the couple’s favorite restaurant?

  • Where did the couple go on their first date?

  • Where did he propose to the bride?

  • How did he propose to the bride?

  • Where did the couple first meet?

  • Where did the couple first kiss?

  • How long were the couple dating?

  • How long did it take him to kiss the bride?

  • What is the very first present the groom gave to the bride?


Questions of Their Future:

  • Do they want children? If so, how many?

  • How are they going to call their babies?

  • What pets do they want to have?

  • Where are they going to live?

  • What is the first thing they will do after the wedding reception and party?

  • Are they going to live in their hometown?

  • What kind of home do they want?

  • Where do they want to spend holidays in future?

  • What do they picture when looking into the future?

  • What is a big dream of them both in the future?