Fabric Art digital oil paint painting by numbers diy picture drawing on canvas oil painting by hand coloring?


Painting Steps:1¡¢Check the numbers in the canvas; 2¡¢Fill the area with corresponding paints; 3¡¢Since there are various colors, we recommend you choose a new color after you finish the old one; 3¡¢This Painting is correctable. Tips:1¡¢Paint the area evenly. 2¡¢The Painting is easy to dry. Cover the paint cups when idle. 3¡¢Wash the brush after you use. 4¡¢Skilled friends may paint with personal preferences. 5¡¢Our Painting is eco-friendly and non-toxic, but it¡¯s not eatable. 6¡¢Children should use the painting under parents¡¯ guardianship.Finished Size:16x20Inch/40x50CMHigh Quality Painting Brushes and Safe Acrylic Paints.Pre-Printed Textured Art Canvas.Easy-to-Follow Instructions. Perfect for All Skill LevelsFinished Size:16x20Inch/40x50CMFabric Art
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